Hwonjungie ie-yo~~~~

Welcome welcome welcomeeee~~~
Selamat Datang~~~~

Well, you can call me hwonjung or hwonnie
I'm an ELF and HEECHUL biased
My favorite from SHINEE is TAEMIN
My favorite from SNSD is HYOYEON

I'm Indonesian, so sorry for my broken english
I really really love SUPER GENERATION~
Especially, HYOHYUK <333333

Let's Be friends ^^

just please….

I don’t know what happen with the anti-hyohyuk or whatever it is..

but you need to know that most of us -eunhyolic/hyohyukshipper- are ELF too.

we don’t like them not only because they have same hobby, or they have the same position in their team, or they look hot together, etc

but we have seen many moments of them, that’s why we ship them

and if you count eunhae in this topic, I’d like to say that half of us is eunhae shipper too (I told you we are ELF right?)

take me for the example,

five years ago I started being ELF, today I’m still an ELF and the next next next day too, I want to stay as an ELF

I know what kind of relationship Lee Hyukjae & Lee Donghae have

Of course they are cute together and OF COURSE I love them

Every time I see their moment I will start squealing too, but I do realize that they both are man. I love their friendship time, their friendship moment

hyukjae and donghae need a girlfriend too

they need to married too

they need to have their own family

in this case, we don’t force lee hyukjae to marry hyo or force the other fans to accept hyo

we’re just showing what we feel toward hyohyuk couple, that they are loo good together. that IN OUR EYES they will make a great couple together.

it’s okay that you don’t have the same opinion with us. that you like hyukjae with someone else

but please, don’t bash the girl

if you don’t like them as couple just because hyo is ugly, not-talented, unpopular, or the other stupid words

you’re totally wrong!!!

Pretty is relative. Pretty is not a word for nice face-nice body-nice voice only

Woman become pretty with difference way, okay!! 

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